If we did not convince you, maybe a few words from our customers will!

"Bought my first P and S product a few months ago (a humidifier) and was so impressed with its quality both in appearance and performance I decided to use that brand whenever appropriate.

My latest product from Pohl and Schmitt is the 1.7 litre electric kettle. A beautiful looking product that actually tempts me to do what my grandmother said wouldnt happen: " A watched pot never boils"!!!!! I like the water for my tea just below a full boil and I can see that!! I love the automatic shut off, it is very fast boiling and so clean looking. I will be keeping an eye out for future small appliances from Pohl and Schmitt as needed."

Lynda Palmer, USA

"I purchased this item to replace a Hamilton Beach glass electric kettle that I’ve owned for about 5 years. It worked well but, alas, after all this time has developed a bit of rust and so I decided to replace it.

The Pohl Schmitt kettle arrived yesterday. I can’t speak to how it’ll fare over the long-term, but I can say that it boils water quite adequately and is ascetically pleasing, perhaps even more so than my Hamilton Beach. It looks great on my countertop!"

Geoff Yudien, USA

"I am so excited about my Pohl Schmitt bread maker. I have tried to make gluten free bread in two other machines, and was not satisfied at all. When I got this one, with the gluten free button, it actually really worked, my bread was AWESOME! Cleaning this machine is so easy, and I love that, but really I could go on and on about all of it's amazing qualities. It's my favorite appliance! 😊"

Mike Collier, USA